Why personality tests can’t tell your type? 


A friend of mine told me that she took a test online and defined her socio type. I personally don’t believe in any other tests but an interview, where person speaks freely, not chooses answers. If you google these tests you will find a bazillion of them of all sorts and kinds and all nonsense=) I mean, if you know a good one, please give me a link in comments, but I haven’t come across anything legit so far.

To prove myself, I decided to take a test=) Now, when I already know my type, I wanted to check whether an online test would define my type accurately. To be honest, I was thinking it would refer me to a type which is close to mine, and has same traits but introverted instead, while I belong to extraverted type. The result was shocking =) The test identified me as a type which was almost completely opposite from me. It also defined me as an introvert, as I expected. In addition to that, it claimed one of my strongest traits (in reality) was my PoLR (biggest weakness). Now that’s a brutal mistake.

I want to show you, why tests are wrong and how they can easily be misinterpreted. As an example I would like to take this test, which I was talking about just now and share with you. The test is on MBTI, its not quite the same as Socionics, but as I said, I was ready to accept a result which was “almost there” giving a “discount” for differences in approach. But the result was dramatically different from my type, even in MBTI.

The very first question made me pause and think:              Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.49.45 PM

Errm… define difficult? Am I shy? No. Do I not know what to say when I introduce myself? Yes. Do I believe my introduction is perfect every time? No. Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.56.40 PM

Better in what way? Let me ask the authors of this test another question: what is better red or round? I guess they ask “What would you rather prefer: to read a book or attend an event.” But! This is only my guess, I may be wrong! Author means one thing, but 3 different readers can read his question in 3 different ways. Same question here can be answered differently if I assume that the question is “What is better for self development?” or “What is better generally (e.g. for your child)?”

Now one of my favorites:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.27.10 PM

I have a favor to ask. Please, write in comments, how many people is considered to be many for you? For some, standing up in a work meeting and presenting a project is talking in front of many people. If you ask me, work meetings are cool, cause for me many people is this:


Photo Credit: Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra at Lincoln Center in New York, 2013

Now there it might take me longer to relax!

And the icing on the cake:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.27.21 PM

A stressful situation by definition is a situation when you feel tensed and anxious. So how else this question can be answered?..

To keep it short, even from few examples above we see, that major challenges of online (or any written or multiple choice) tests are:

  1. No guarantee that the investigator and respondent understand questions in the same way
  2. Differences in perception of categories and definitions

Also, I strongly believe that no one can be and should be characterized by the way they answer 60 questions with a multiple choice. C’mon people, we are more complex than that! What about our upbringing? Childhood? Environment where we developed personality? Possible traumas?..  When I do interviews to identify people’s types, I pay attention not only to WHAT do they think, but also WHY do they think so. Example: there is a question in the test “If the room is full, do you stay closer to the walls, avoiding the center?” That supposed to show whether you are an introvert or an extravert. I know a person who was once attacked from the back. She spent long time in hospital and had many surgeries, all that resulted is a psychological trauma. Despite being an extravert she will choose to stay closer to the wall, because that way she feels protected from her back so nobody can attack her again. Test would show that she is an introvert, because it cannot get the real reason of her choice.

To conclude my point I would like to mention that when I answered only 1 question and skipped the rest, the test still gave me a result of a type. This proves, that the system is fully automized and silly, it doesn’t even recognize whether there is sufficient data to make a judgement.

I highly recommend to avoid online tests or at least please don’t take them seriously. Your personality was developing for so many years and in different circumstances. Only an interview with a specialist, a human who, apart from “yes or no” answers, can also look deeper, process non-verbal signs, facial expressions, tone of voice and body language, can be the most trusted tool to identify your Socio Type.


ESE / The Enthusiast

The “distilled” version of this socio type is:



Tigger =) This character describes The Enthusiast perfectly: he makes everyone smile (sometimes against their will), he is coordinated, and he is up for anything as long as its fun. Lets look closer.





Enthusiast sees the world and communicates to the world by expression of emotions. For Enthusiast it’s more important to let emotions out rather than to understand why they are being experienced in the first place. He doesn’t like to dwell, analyze and reflect. He likes to be happy and its all what matters for him. Of course, every human experiences emotions. However emotions what Enthusiast is able to feel are more differentiated than those of others. My friend who belongs to this type once was actually angry when her phone autocorrected her “hahahahaha” to “haha” because thats “…totally! Totally not what I meant!!!” =)))  Just like interior designer distinguishes 50 shades of turquoise, Enthusiast can describe and express his emotions with precision.

Have to be fair here and underline that the main emotion what Enthusiast lives for is happiness. They also like to ask people whether they are happy – just like that, no beating around the bush: “Are you happy?” They always see a ray of sunshine no matter what situation they are in. They don’t purposely look for it, they are just focused on positive stuff, naturally. Here is one of Enthusiast’s (adult… if this is ever applicable to Enthusiasts:) drawings which was done during an extremely boring, time wasting, nerve tapping activity that he had to sit through:

IMG_6969 copy.JPG

While the picture itself would appear quite crude to some types, Enthusiast pictures shining sun, a birdie and a fluffy cloud. Like a perfect day, except of that guy hanging there. If he or people around him are unhappy, Enthusiast tries to fix it and for that he uses his creative function: White Sensory.

By his creative function Enthusiast is a great host. His house is clean and cosy, he cooks delicious meals and can provide you with comfort almost everywhere. He also has great control of his body, almost never breaks stuff  because he walked into it or swiped it while turning around. He can succeed in sports and can achieve more that other types particularly in sports which require balancing: like skateboarding, surfing, etc. No yoga or tightrope walking though – he needs a brisk one, he is be bored when asked to remain still.

Enthusiast likes to be perceived as a busy man. Sometimes he shows off by telling people how much stuff has he done, but in fact he doesn’t really like to work a lot, neither he thinks it is necessary. He can be quite irrational with money going from one extreme of saving on everything to another extreme of splurging on entertainment or something unnecessary. For the same reason (and one more which we will talk about below) a little stash of money saved for a rainy day always comforts him.

PoLR of Enthusiast is White Intuition. He feels insecure about time, timeliness, has a fear of being late or doing something in a wrong time. He cannot sense it so its an extremely painful struggle. Enthusiast prefers to come early if there is anything important and by “early” I mean 30 minutes early. He can unreasonably rush others, set weird deadlines (both under and over estimated), give irrational explanations about why he needs it to be done in that particular time. Another side of the same coin is that Enthusiast is anxious about unknown what may happen in future, feels lost in matters concerning death and all occult, esoteric stuff. Nevertheless he can show interest in mysteries and history. He won’t start a conversation or a dispute on those subjects though. As the function is very weak he can slowly accumulate information, but often cannot defend his point of view, hence he avoids any arguments.

What he loves to talk about is organizing (especially physical: like folders, charts, books according to the color of the cover :) and listening to people who can theorize (for example about politics, technology, systems, organizations etc). Enthusiast isn’t savvy here, but his interest in these subjects is bottomless. Given it is bottomless in both ways: it never ends and nothing really stays in for long =) He takes information without any critical check and is ready to accept anything others say, as long as they know better. And in this case, every other person knows better =)

Enthusiast likes everything unordinary, unrevealed, innovative and smart, whether that is an idea, a book, a person or anything else. He himself is not very inventive and he accepts this weakness. He consciously looks for people who are creative, have good imagination and ability to see covert properties of things so he can take that load off his shoulders.

Instinctively he builds good relationships with people. He hardly has enemies and is more inclined to having either good relationship with a person or no relationship at all. In moments when he feels that his interests are infringed, he tends to show people their place by defining their relationship to him, like: “Who are you to tell me that?” or “You are my family you have to be on my side” or “I am your mother!”  Enthusiast can be very opinionated in ethical questions, however he will hardly accept or tolerate criticism of ethical right and wrong of his own actions.

Enthusiast has a very strong personality. Although he rarely gets physically aggressive, he can easily stand up for minors or those who are being abused. This trait only surfaces in cases when others need his involvement. In his own life he cannot spoil relationship with people to the point where he needs to fight, as well as his ability to make anyone laugh when he needs them to helps him to come out with clean hands.

ILE / The Inventor

Hi everyone! So normally the weekend posts shall be relaxed and mellow and we all start fresh on Monday. Well I decided to start now so when Monday comes its already too late to decide and everything is on full swing =)

As I promised I would like to share more practical  information with you and starting today I would like to start a series of posts with descriptions of all 16 Socio types.  You can see there how are they different and what might be the similarities between certain types. I believe this will be interesting for you. All of the types were given a short name which is descriptive of their main trait.  Without making my introduction too long here we go: the first type:

The Inventor ( a.k.a. Intuitive Logical Extrovert – ILE) 


Remember House MD? He is the distilled version of this type. As the name states, their type of Informational Methabolism makes them great inventors and their restless mind always has a project of solving a puzzle or creating a new device.
Those kids given a radio controlled helicopter will play with it for one day and then will take it for parts to see whats inside and how does it work, take the remote control apart, see how it works and will put it all back together to make a self-piloted flying saucer. When they see the world around them they have a unique ability to see inside of things and create something which no one could create before (no matter whether humanity needs their invention or not:) In any age they generally can be people of few words, unless you want to discuss how to make a rice cooker out of a credit card, match box and a shoe lace.They are often inventors in their field, they prefer to discover new routes off the beaten track.

Naturally they are good with systems, IT, electronics and this sort of stuff. However they can work in other fields too, being most successful in jobs that require thinking out of the box, finding a way of doing things, finding hidden meanings and routes and most importantly doing something which nobody else can do.

One can’t be good at everything and Inventors are one of worst types to work with people (trust me you do not want this one to attend to your customer care hotline!) They don’t really know ethical right from wrong, they can be blunt, tactless and sometimes can unintentionally offend people. They suffer from this too: its very difficult for them to see other people’s intention and attitude towards them. Unfortunately others use this and The Inventors can easily get cheated and betrayed. While other Socio types could have seen it was coming, The Inventors only can conclude the facts when the damage is already done.

As much as they don’t surround themselves with comfort and their home might be very messy, they appreciate when someone takes care of it. They love good food, cosy home and comfortable living. They just can’t really take care of it by themselves, so they normally look for a partner who can help them with this aspect.

Inventors enjoy a good laugh, occasional parties and positive people. They love to joke and to be entertained. They like people who express their emotions freely (especially positive emotions) being with such people they feel “recharged” and motivated.

Inventors don’t like to talk about history, time management and all esoteric stuff. They are however rarely late, tend to complete tasks on time and have a good sense of trends and opportunities in future. If they feel that their interests are being infringed they will react strongly often by saying something like: “Its a wrong time!” “You are wasting my time!” “Not now!” etc.

They make good managers or administrators as well as they know how to execute tasks well. They don’t like to talk about it or make manuals etc. Its easier done than said in this case. A remarkable trait of The Inventor personality is that he will always come to help and he will know exactly what to do in the situation. They can easily procrastinate during long time, but their sense of urge won’t ever let them down: once they feel its the right time they can mobilize quickly and become active, earn money and get involved in new projects.

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Protect yourself. But do they really attack?


-“You eat a lot!”   …BOOM!… he said it. My head got completely empty and I felt like each ear got covered with an empty glass. All I could hear was that dull ringing sound of vacuum filling my head. I stared at him waiting for some other words, something else I could grab on and continue a conversation. But there was nothing. Ha stared back at me most probably wondering what was wrong.

In fact, he didn’t say anything wrong. I was eating a lot, and it was fine. But he hit my “Painful spot” (PoLR) with precision. This is how it feels. Absolutely innocent comment, not even criticism makes you feel lost and helpless like a fish thrown out of water. In my previous post I promised to share how to deal with that, so here we go:

  1. Accept that people don’t have a purpose to hurt you in 90% of the time, they are just being themselves and they are different from you. Nobody is attacking you, even if it feels like they do. They don’t mean it.
  2. Don’t fire back. Our first reaction naturally will be to defend ourselves by counterstrike. Remember the point #1 and react how you would react if it wasn’t an attack. It will take time to master so don’t kill yourself when you fail, it’s a really touch skill to acquire.
  3. Your mind is very smart. It will protect you and most of the times you won’t provoke discussions on painful subject, cause your mind won’t let you. So do yourself a favor and avoid getting into situations where the subject is the main topic of the event (no cooking shows for me;)
  4. At last I have to mention: be sure that this is your PoLR. Sometimes people say something offensive but if you don’t feel like I described (vacuum in your head and inability to come up with a feedback) thats not PoLR.

So now when we discussed how to act in these frustrating situations, let’s talk about how to train yourself not to get hurt – thats more interesting isn’t it? :)  As we already know it is not easy to study a subject of your PoLR, however in small doses you can train yourself and you can strengthen yourself. The first step is to become aware of what your weakness is. Once you become aware you can control the informational intake on the subject as well as you can be more tolerant to others when they accidentally hurt you because truly it’s not their fault: it’s just the way your mind works against the way their mind works and there is nothing wrong with either of them. To do become aware you need to identify your personality type, and – sorry:) – the bad news is: it’s very difficult to do that by yourself and I will explain why later. In the meantime the good news is that I have a little surprise for you. I will help you to find out your type! I will share all the details in my next post so if you’re interested to learn more about yourself stay tuned!


Weekend coffee share. About acceptance.

Today I was doing make-up and suddenly a thought came into my head that its only recently when I started to accept my skin color. Started to choose a foundation which actually matched me but not camouflaged; stopped trying to get tanned (cause I just burn), stopped avoiding certain colors in clothes (cause they made my skin look even more pale). If you think of it, its ridiculous, cause I was born this way. This is something which I cannot change and it is something I see every day so I should be used to it. However I wasn’t. Likewise so many people are unhappy with their appearance. Every single part of human body has been criticized, standardized and it became really hard to accept your individuality. Yet, it is absolutely natural to be different and its quite weird to copy someone else especially when many people start to copy the same feature.

Just like appearance, personalities are being put in frames. Im not talking about general right and wrong, but more about what should we be good at, what defines success, what we shall achieve in life, how we shall regard certain matters. We came to the point when we judge others by comparing their point of view to ours, but rebel when someone applies the same principle of judging us. So why don’t we just exhale and accept? Accept ourselves first of all and through this experience we learn to accept differences of others. Appearance came secondary for me in my path of acceptance. The first step was to accept my personality.

I started to study Socionics (what is it?) 5 years ago and it was my main road for discovery of differences between people. Knowing my personality and my strengths and weaknesses let me look at others from a different angle. I realized that one nerd I knew was actually 3 times stronger than me in putting explanations together or creating structures; the cocky guy next door would make much stronger boss than me. In the same time I could beat them in other areas of life. So I understood, there is no good and bad, there are differences.

I would like to spread the word about Socionics because of its tools to make peace with yourself. Using it you can start to appreciate your personality and accept other’s personalities with open mind. People don’t have to be divided by “like” and “dislike” because any dislike can in fact show you a room for improvement of your own shortcomings. And frankly, acceptance saves a lot of drama! Try it at home :)

What is your biggest weakness?


“What is your biggest weakness?” Don’t you just hate this question during the interview? In my head I always have a red siren going on and the voice saying: “Anything you say may be used against you.” Most probably it will indeed be used against you, which is totally unfair. Because your actual biggest weakness is absolutely not what you think it is.

Imagine you wear blue sunglasses and a yellow t-shirt. When you look in the mirror, you will see that your t-shirt is green. Because of the blue filter you will have a distorted perception of colors.

Similar to that we are all wearing “sunglasses” of our socio type. There are certain things which we simply cannot recognize because of that filter. Your biggest weakness is one of them. It’s so weak that you won’t be able to even realize it exists. In socionics it’s called Point of Least Resistance (PoLR). It is an area of knowledge where we are least competent, we cannot make a clear judgement of the situation, evaluate it or produce our own point of view regarding a question in this area. As if it wasn’t miserable enough we also show complete inability to learn anything in this field apart from learning from own experience.

In a way our mind is smarter than we think it is, cause it hides our PoLR from everyone including ourselves. It’s actually awesome, because when somebody hits that spot of yours it is VERY-VERY unpleasant. We all had this experience when we say something and we see the effect like we just punched this person in a gut: he stares at you, opens his mouth but no sound is coming out, he looks lost, disoriented and super uncomfortable. When the sound finally comes out all we can hear is a complete nonsense, some bits of information which are completely illogical, weird and often out of subject. It may be funny to watch, but definitely not funny to feel.

When someone hits your PoLR you feel that you are suddenly completely stoned. You cannot say a word and barely have thoughts in your head, its all just one big cotton ball inside of your head and it makes you very insecure. You feel that you look silly, standing there and not being able to squeeze out at least an attempt of a come back, but cannot do anything with that. The only thing you know for sure is that the person in front of you is definitely unpleasant and you will try to avoid him from now on. Needless to say that if any smallest inquiry on that subject triggers such a reaction, its barely possible for us to learn something in this area of knowledge. To learn you need to discover, to discover you need to dig deeper, once you try to dig your mind says: “OUCH!!!”, you quickly back off and come back to square one.

Because of such intolerance to any thought of that subject we don’t present it as our weakness either. So when asked we will name our second or third weakest function indeed. There we have enough courage to analyze ourselves and conclude that we aren’t experts. We accept and even ask for help in those matters – by the way it can be a marker when we are identifying one’s socio type. People tend to ask for help in 2 areas, which are represented by 5th and 6th functions.


In my next post I will talk about what to do when someone hits your weakest spot and whether we can learn to strengthen it.




Choosing a pillow: Sensory VS Intuition


Let me tell you how you can recognize a weak Sensory function in daily life, a case which I observed a few days ago. I happened to be in a big departments store and there was a couple who was choosing pillows. A man came to a stand with pillows, touched a few, took 2, tried and said: “Im taking this one”. Finished. This illustrates a strong White Sensorial (Si) function for us: person knows exactly whether he is comfortable, if not – knows how to make himself comfortable and he knows exaclty how it should feel.

The lady was different. She came to the stand with pillows and took 3. She went to the nearest bed and tried all one by one. After she finished trying the 3rd one she went back to first one. Tossed and turned a bit. Then she took the second one, did the same and then the third one – again. She tried different positions: on the side, on her back, on another side… She looked uncertain and went back to the stand. She squeezed all pillows with her hands and chose 2 more to try. She tried them on the bed and then went for 3rd round of trying of the first three pillows. By that time a bunch of shop assistants started to accumulate around the bed watching her struggle. In the middle of her crisis she said quite loud: “I dont know which one is comfortable!” Her partner looked confused, like she was saying she didnt know how an apple looked like. She tried “shortlisted” 3 out of 5 fourth time. Then went down to 2 out of 5 and finally she said rather uncertainly: “Okaaay. I think this one”

She is a great illustration of behaviour of a person with White Sencorics (Si) in the Point of Least Resistance (PoLR) – the weakest and the most hopeless function of a person. By that function person cannot make a judgement unless its based on his own experience, cannot find a way out of an unusual situation and cannot really explain any matter regarding this field of knowledge (how she was desperately saying: “I dont know which one is comfortable!”).

We all have a PoLR, any of 16 aspects can be located in there, depending on the socio type. Normally this function is not verbal: means people don’t like to talk about it. In life it means that if person who didn’t study Socionics or psychology tells you that his weakest spot is N, most probably its in Mobilizing (6th) or Suggestive (5th) function, not PoLR – 5th and 6th functions are verbal: people know that they aren’t the best in those areas and they can voice it out.

Knowing one of functions – any – you can easily figure out the PoLR. Or you can always go pillow shopping ;)


image: northernvets.com.au