What is happy for you?


Whenever I am asked to make a wish I normally wish to be happy. For me its a symbiosis of all the rest what I want for myself: to be in good health, being able to buy what I want, to love and to be loved, live in pleasant environment, being surrounded by great people. I have it all. According to my own definition I am happy. …But am I?

Recently a chain of discoveries brought me to understanding of what was missing. Something which I have never thought could play a big role in my personal, self-centered life. I realized I wanted to contribute to other people’s happiness; not only to those who knew me, but others, who I could share my knowledge with and hence improve their lives.

I started to study Socionics 5 years ago. My goal was straightforward and management oriented: I wanted to get tools of motivation for different people. In the process of studies Socionics revealed much wider spectrum of use. Socionics helped me to understand why people are different, how are they different, how to value their strengths and respect the weaknesses. Most of all, it gave me comfort of choosing “my people” to be connected with, appreciation for others and wisdom not to tilt at windmills by trying to change either of them.

In this blog I would like to share my knowledge with you.

I would like it to be interactive and live, please ask questions, comment and speak your mind.

I’m looking forward to this great experience!





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