Socionics. Intro

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In this blog I am talking about Socionics. Here is what it is and what you personally can get out of it.

Socionics is a study about informational metabolism: the way each of us perceives and processes different types of information. It’s not about intellectual abilities. It studies the phenomenon that one person can absorb certain type of information easily and with interest and some other type of information is perceived as unpleasant and is very difficult to learn. While this is true for one, the same types of information can be regarded totally differently by another person.

You surely noticed that there are certain people you like and get along with easily and certain type of people you can’t stand. Its not a coincidence. Socionics distinguishes 16 types of people (according to their way of processing the information) and all of them have a certain patterns of relationships with each other. Some people we can choose to be close with or vice versa to stay away from them, but there are some people who are hard to avoid. Our parents and children are number one example. Annoying colleague at work or a neighbor can be another one. You name it, we often need to compromise. Many arguments happen because one assumes that if something is clear to him it should be clear to everyone else. Its a wrong assumption and it happens not because people what to hurt each other or are being stupid. It happens because they perceive information differently.

Socionics helps to see how other people are different and gives a tool to improve communication. It answers why some things which are ordinary to you can be sensitive for others. It is also a great tool for self development as it can be your guide to identify and foster the strengths of your personality, as well as to be aware of and protect the weaknesses.

In this blog you can find more information about how to make use of Socionics in daily life and tips on applying this knowledge to improve relationships.



4 thoughts on “Socionics. Intro”

  1. Wow, this sounds so interesting. Never heard of it before but love this concept of how people think and see things differently and trying to understand and accept everyone.


      1. No worries, it all looks pretty complicated, so will have to keep reading to get my head around this new concept.


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