ILE / The Inventor

Hi everyone! So normally the weekend posts shall be relaxed and mellow and we all start fresh on Monday. Well I decided to start now so when Monday comes its already too late to decide and everything is on full swing =)

As I promised I would like to share more practical  information with you and starting today I would like to start a series of posts with descriptions of all 16 Socio types.  You can see there how are they different and what might be the similarities between certain types. I believe this will be interesting for you. All of the types were given a short name which is descriptive of their main trait.  Without making my introduction too long here we go: the first type:

The Inventor ( a.k.a. Intuitive Logical Extrovert – ILE) 


Remember House MD? He is the distilled version of this type. As the name states, their type of Informational Methabolism makes them great inventors and their restless mind always has a project of solving a puzzle or creating a new device.
Those kids given a radio controlled helicopter will play with it for one day and then will take it for parts to see whats inside and how does it work, take the remote control apart, see how it works and will put it all back together to make a self-piloted flying saucer. When they see the world around them they have a unique ability to see inside of things and create something which no one could create before (no matter whether humanity needs their invention or not:) In any age they generally can be people of few words, unless you want to discuss how to make a rice cooker out of a credit card, match box and a shoe lace.They are often inventors in their field, they prefer to discover new routes off the beaten track.

Naturally they are good with systems, IT, electronics and this sort of stuff. However they can work in other fields too, being most successful in jobs that require thinking out of the box, finding a way of doing things, finding hidden meanings and routes and most importantly doing something which nobody else can do.

One can’t be good at everything and Inventors are one of worst types to work with people (trust me you do not want this one to attend to your customer care hotline!) They don’t really know ethical right from wrong, they can be blunt, tactless and sometimes can unintentionally offend people. They suffer from this too: its very difficult for them to see other people’s intention and attitude towards them. Unfortunately others use this and The Inventors can easily get cheated and betrayed. While other Socio types could have seen it was coming, The Inventors only can conclude the facts when the damage is already done.

As much as they don’t surround themselves with comfort and their home might be very messy, they appreciate when someone takes care of it. They love good food, cosy home and comfortable living. They just can’t really take care of it by themselves, so they normally look for a partner who can help them with this aspect.

Inventors enjoy a good laugh, occasional parties and positive people. They love to joke and to be entertained. They like people who express their emotions freely (especially positive emotions) being with such people they feel “recharged” and motivated.

Inventors don’t like to talk about history, time management and all esoteric stuff. They are however rarely late, tend to complete tasks on time and have a good sense of trends and opportunities in future. If they feel that their interests are being infringed they will react strongly often by saying something like: “Its a wrong time!” “You are wasting my time!” “Not now!” etc.

They make good managers or administrators as well as they know how to execute tasks well. They don’t like to talk about it or make manuals etc. Its easier done than said in this case. A remarkable trait of The Inventor personality is that he will always come to help and he will know exactly what to do in the situation. They can easily procrastinate during long time, but their sense of urge won’t ever let them down: once they feel its the right time they can mobilize quickly and become active, earn money and get involved in new projects.

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Choosing a pillow: Sensory VS Intuition


Let me tell you how you can recognize a weak Sensory function in daily life, a case which I observed a few days ago. I happened to be in a big departments store and there was a couple who was choosing pillows. A man came to a stand with pillows, touched a few, took 2, tried and said: “Im taking this one”. Finished. This illustrates a strong White Sensorial (Si) function for us: person knows exactly whether he is comfortable, if not – knows how to make himself comfortable and he knows exaclty how it should feel.

The lady was different. She came to the stand with pillows and took 3. She went to the nearest bed and tried all one by one. After she finished trying the 3rd one she went back to first one. Tossed and turned a bit. Then she took the second one, did the same and then the third one – again. She tried different positions: on the side, on her back, on another side… She looked uncertain and went back to the stand. She squeezed all pillows with her hands and chose 2 more to try. She tried them on the bed and then went for 3rd round of trying of the first three pillows. By that time a bunch of shop assistants started to accumulate around the bed watching her struggle. In the middle of her crisis she said quite loud: “I dont know which one is comfortable!” Her partner looked confused, like she was saying she didnt know how an apple looked like. She tried “shortlisted” 3 out of 5 fourth time. Then went down to 2 out of 5 and finally she said rather uncertainly: “Okaaay. I think this one”

She is a great illustration of behaviour of a person with White Sencorics (Si) in the Point of Least Resistance (PoLR) – the weakest and the most hopeless function of a person. By that function person cannot make a judgement unless its based on his own experience, cannot find a way out of an unusual situation and cannot really explain any matter regarding this field of knowledge (how she was desperately saying: “I dont know which one is comfortable!”).

We all have a PoLR, any of 16 aspects can be located in there, depending on the socio type. Normally this function is not verbal: means people don’t like to talk about it. In life it means that if person who didn’t study Socionics or psychology tells you that his weakest spot is N, most probably its in Mobilizing (6th) or Suggestive (5th) function, not PoLR – 5th and 6th functions are verbal: people know that they aren’t the best in those areas and they can voice it out.

Knowing one of functions – any – you can easily figure out the PoLR. Or you can always go pillow shopping ;)