Weekend coffee share. Acceptance.

Today I was doing make-up and suddenly a thought came into my head that its only recently when I started to accept my skin color. Started to choose a foundation which actually matched me but not camouflaged; stopped trying to get tanned (cause I just burn), stopped avoiding certain colors in clothes (cause they made my skin look even more pale). If you think of it, its ridiculous, cause I was born this way. This is something which I cannot change and it is something I see every day so I should be used to it. However I wasn’t. Likewise so many people are unhappy with their appearance. Every single part of human body has been criticized, standardized and it became really hard to accept your individuality. Yet, it is absolutely natural to be different and its quite weird to copy someone else especially when many people start to copy the same feature.

Just like appearance, personalities are being put in frames. Im not talking about general right and wrong, but more about what should we be good at, what defines success, what we shall achieve in life, how we shall regard certain matters. We came to the point when we judge others by comparing their point of view to ours, but rebel when someone applies the same principle of judging us. So why don’t we just exhale and accept? Accept ourselves first of all and through this experience we learn to accept differences of others. Appearance came secondary for me in my path of acceptance. The first step was to accept my personality.

I started to study Socionics (here is what it is) 5 years ago and it was my main road for discovery of differences between people. Knowing my personality and my strengths and weaknesses let me look at others from a different angle. I realized that one nerd I knew was actually 3 times stronger than me in putting explanations together or creating structures; the cocky guy next door would make much stronger boss than me. In the same time I could beat them in other areas of life. So I understood, there is no good and bad, there are differences.

I would like to spread the word about Socionics because of its tools to make peace with yourself. Using it you can start to appreciate your personality and accept other’s personalities with open mind. People don’t have to be divided by “like” and “dislike” because any dislike can in fact show you a room for improvement of your own shortcomings. And frankly, acceptance saves a lot of drama! Try it at home :)




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